ROTW – Radiohead-The King of Limbs –

I downloaded my first album today, “wtf, big deal’, I hear you say, ‘the kids have been downloading bits of nothing for ages dude”.

What made it special for me was, yesterday I bought my first (new) vinyl LP (yes, LP) for many a year, “The King of Limbs” by The Fabulous Radiohead Brothers. For my money ($29), not only did I get a heavy duty black disc of vinyl that plays on both sides (and will do so for for the next 1,000 years …… if they still make stylus’ses’s), album artwork and a free plastic sleeve (thank you Atlantis Music) but also a card allowing a free digital download, thus negating the need to get the usb cable out and digitise my analogue copy. I now have the best of both worlds ……. but I know which one is best.

Here you can listen to the whole damn thing free on Youtube ….. but you can hold it in your hand

Try The King of Limbs this Good Friday ……. Happy Easter, Long Live The King

About MikeGreenslade

Mike is CEO of ShelterBox Australia, a ShelterBox Response Team member and photographer, based in the Northern Rivers of NSW.
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