ROTW – The Boomtown Rats – Mary of the 4th Form

Bob Geldof must be one the few people who were more smartly dressed when they were a punk than when they faded into middle age. For those of us in the 3rd form in 1977 when this track was released, Mary of the 4th Form was a legendary fantasy figure. Mind you it didn’t take much to spark a fantasy back then ……. the Grattans catalogue, the Sunday Times supplement, the list is endless!

Every secondary school must have had a “Mary”, “turning all the boys on” ………… all except our school, cos we had no girls until I was in the fourth form ….. and then there was only 2, and they were in the lower 6th, and much too old for us  ……… and neither were called Mary. But I digress

The exercise book style cover of the single features the fake school badge of the Boomtown Rats (motto, “arse over tit”) and group photo with a very fresh face Sir Bob and the rest of the band. The B-side is the rather silly “Do The Rat“, but this was a great piece of pop punk from  Dun Loaghaire’s finest and great to jump around to.

I must not do the rat in class                                                                                                             I must not do the rat in class …………


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Mike is General Manager of ShelterBox Australia, a ShelterBox Response Team member and photographer, based in the Northern Rivers of NSW.
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