Taking rhino horn products “may cause cancer”

Being World Rhino Day I thought I’d share an interesting piece from “Science Today”:

“New research from the “California Institute of Chinese Medicine” has shown a link between the use of rhino horn products, long thought to be an aphrodisiac by many in China and Vietnam, and a rare form of cancer. The irony is that many of the men who use these products in a (vane) attempt to make up for their sexual inadequacy, may actually end up foreshortening their lives. Professor Nick De Vinter from the CICM said “It has long been known in the scientific world that rhino horn has no medical properties whatsoever. In fact, the “horn” is not made of horn at all but of keratin, the same stuff your hair is made of. Keratin is very hard to break down and does not stay in the stomach long enough to digest properly. When ground into a powder and ingested, microscopic particles are absorbed into the bloodstream can get lodged in the kidney or urinary tract where they cause an irritation and interfere with cell structure, and in some cases may to developing cancer”

Serves the bastards right I say.

Rhinos are being killed a rate of more than one a day in South Africa by highly organised poachers and mercenaries in helicopters, armed with automatic weapons and night vision goggles.

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When they’re gone, they’re gone



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Mike is General Manager of ShelterBox Australia, a ShelterBox Response Team member and photographer, based in the Northern Rivers of NSW.
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