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Friend and ShelterBox colleague, Nicola Jones has been nominated for the Humanitarian Hero Award at Aidex 2011 for her longterm work in Haiti with Shelterbox.

Nicola spent 16 months responding to the Haiti earthquake of February 2010, beginning in the Dominican Republic and working with DHL to truck Shelterboxes across the border into Haiti. After managing the logistics pipeline in DR for 5 weeks, she transfered to Port
au Prince to work with the teams in the field. There she conducting field assessments, distributed tents, gave tent demos and liased with various UN agencies and many small charities.

By May Nicloa had taken over as Logistics Coordinator and Team lead and continued in that role for the next 12 months, managing and overseeing the teams in the field, developing and maintaining partnerships with many other charities and NGO’s delivering Shelterboxes on our behalf. Nicola also conducted a full review of field operations so that we could learn the lessons rom Shelterbox’s largest and most complex response to date.

In total, Nicola managed the importation and distribution of over 18,000 Shelterboxes and spent a total of 12 months in the field out of a total of 16 months volunteering on the Haiti response. All this is well beyond the call of duty for a volunteer Shelterbox Response Team member. You can vote for Nicloa by clicking the link below:

Humanitarian Hero Award

Below is a picture of Nicola in Haiti and a slideshow of images from my time there. Shelterbox is still responding to help the victims of the earthquake

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


About MikeGreenslade

Mike is General Manager of ShelterBox Australia, a ShelterBox Response Team member and photographer, based in the Northern Rivers of NSW.
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