Cucumbers Feature Big In Ausveg Magazine

I recently had an interesting assignment for Ausveg Magazine, an industry journal for those in the veg growing business. Luckily for me, the location was close to home and I got to learn about an unseen cucumber powerhouse on my doorstep. Carlo was very welcoming and informative but I still have no fruit on my plants at home ……

Ausveg Nov-Dec 2013

Ausveg Nov-Dec 2013


Ausveg Nov-Dec 2013

Ausveg Nov-Dec 2013


Ausveg Nov-Dec 2013

Ausveg Nov-Dec 2013



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2013 In Review …. I promise to do better this year!

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 1,100 times in 2013. If it were a cable car, it would take about 18 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

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Some Inspirational Words From Henri Cartier-Bresson

A decisive moment, Hargeisa, Somaliland © Mike Greenslade

A decisive moment, Hargeisa, Somaliland © Mike Greenslade

Thanks to Eli Sinkus from 522 Productions for putting together this short video. Thanks to legendary photographer, Henri Cartier-Bresson for some inspiration for the weekend ……..

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Golden Light at Lake Ainsworth, Lennox Head

A calm winter's evening at Lake Ainsworth, Lennox Head.

A calm winter’s evening at Lake Ainsworth, Lennox Head.


Regular readers will have noticed the new header image added earlier this week. A Sunday afternoon family visit to Lennox Head paid photographic dividends. We watched from Pat Morton Lookout as the Humpbacks migrated north before we in turn migrated into Lennox for a walk and were treated to the spectacle of the winter sun slowly setting behind the beautiful Lake Ainsworth. This freshwater lake, situated just behind Lennox’s Seven Mile Beach, is surprisingly deep and stained the colour of black coffee by the tannins of the surrounding tea trees. In summer, the lake is a safe recreational playground, with families swimming, sailing and kayaking in the cool, dark water. This particular evening it was all but deserted, the calmness of the water only disturbed by the passing ducks.

The still, black surface of the lake provided a deep, mysterious mirror for the yellow trunks of the paper-barks. It’s moments like this that make you glad you’ve brought your camera with you.



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ROTW – The Special AKA – Free Nelson Mandela

70th Birthday Remake picture cover of The Special AKA's Free Nelson Mandela

70th Birthday Remake picture cover of The Special AKA’s Free Nelson Mandela


This week’s ROTW is “get well” shout out to one of the towering figures of the late 20th century, Nelson Mandela. First released in March 1984 by The Special AKA, the Jerry Dammers-penned and Elvis Costello-produced track became an instant anthem for the anti-apartheid movement around the world. It out-sold anything ever written by Margaret Thatcher.

Released on the peerless Two Tone label (TT26) it was the last in series of era-defining singles that I owned before my brother took them to a disco …… and forgot to bring them home again. 26 original Dance Craze bangers missing in action (I have to say my brother nearly went missing in action when I found out).

When this version was released for his 70th birthday in 1988, Mandela was still in prison on Robben Island.  It features Ndonda Khuze on lead vocals and Jonas Gwangwa on trombone. The original is on the b-side. It wasn’t until 1990 that he was released, after 27 years in “captivity”.

As Mandela said “It always seems impossible until its done.” Get well soon Mr Mandela.

How about a little dance then?



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A Fresh Look For My Website

I thought it was about time my website homepage had a makeover. Working with the ever-wonderful Jonny Messenger at Evolve Internet, I’ve freshened up the images and added a new gallery showcasing my work with international disaster relief agency, ShelterBox.

I have worked with ShelterBox since 2006 as both a volunteer and as a freelancer. I recently completed my 19th deployment with them, to Lebanon, to help house Syrian refugees. ShelterBox continues to find ways to help Syrian Refugees in several countries and inside Syria itself. You can can check out the new ShelterBox Gallery by clicking the link below:

Young Syrian refugee girl, West Bekaa Valley Lebanon

Young Syrian refugee girl, West Bekaa Valley Lebanon

ShelterBox Gallery

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Underwater Stock Photography for Beginners

The Bull Shark, definitely one to stay clear of ......

The aggressive Bull Shark, definitely one to stay clear of ……

With 7/10’s of the world’s surface covered in water it’s not surprising the growing popularity of underwater photography in the digital age. But the equipment needed can be prohibitively expensive, with the cost of water-housings and diving gear adding up to thousands.

I’ve never been much of an underwater photographer, in fact, the only time my camera gets wet is when I get caught in the rain. This hasn’t stopped me notching up some impressive stock sales from images from the world underwater. The image above of the aggressive and predatory Bull Shark was shot from a distance of maybe 2 metres. I was surprised I could hold the camera steady. Luckily the reinforced glass between us made it easier for me to hold my nerve, the image was shot at Sea World on the Gold Coast. That’s about as close as I want to get to a Bull Shark but the resultant image has sold several times through my stock library.

Fresh, line-caught mackerel on the harbour wall at St Ives, Cornwall.

Fresh, line-caught mackerel, on the harbour wall at St Ives, Cornwall.

Now here’s a fish I don’t mind getting up close and personal with, the mighty mackerel! The small sweet Cornish variety is probably my favourite fish. Simply fried in olive oil, coated in seasoned flour and topped off with a little pepper and brown vinegar, it’s hard to beat. This image was a lucky occurrence, the afternoon catch being landed at St Ives, Cornwall just as I was out strolling with the family. The red box adds a bit of punch to the image and it has been a consistent seller since 2004 when it was shot.

Perhaps the surprise best seller of recent times has been another monster of the deep, The Big Lobster!

The Big Lobster at Kingston, South Australia

The Big Lobster at Kingston, South Australia


One of Australia’s iconic “Big Things” (The Big Pineapple, The Big Sheep, etc), the Big Lobster in Kingston, South Australia is one of my favourites. And I’m not the only one who seems to like it because this image has already sold 5 times this year! The most recent sale was for the cover of a book ……. probably either about lobsters or about “Big Things”, I’ll find out a bit later. In the meantime, I can’t wait for the “Big Prawn”, down the road in Ballina, to renovated so that I can do a bit more underwater photography …..

More stock images available from: Photoshelter

Cheers, Mike


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Her Shed, The Place for Beautiful, Handmade Bed Linen

Handmade, embroidered cushion covers by Her Shed

Handmade, embroidered cushion covers by Her Shed

I’ve recently been working with Kerrie at Her Shed, “a boutique bed linen and textiles company that strives for quality and uniqueness with a sense of timelessness, imbued with a classical style.”

Kerrie’s beautiful handmade textiles lend themselves to a naturalistic approach. Wherever possible I used natural light to add to the “authentic” feel of her products.

Cushion covers and bed throws by Her Shed

Cushion covers and bed throws by Her Shed

The shoot took place at the beautiful Verandahs at Coorabell

Check out Kerrie’s latest collection on her website and keep warm in style this winter.

Colourful, embroidered bed cover by Her Shed

Colourful, embroidered bed cover by Her Shed

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This is an important issue. I’m currently in Lebanon with ShelterBox …… please share with your friends and donate if you can. Thanks, Mike

Stories From The Field


The United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) announced earlier this week that the number of Syrian refugees seeking shelter and safety in neighbouring countries had passed the 1,000,000 mark. A daunting milestone for the plethora of government and non-government agencies, charities and local groups trying to house, feed and provide medical care for those fleeing their war-torn country.

Shelterbox has been working for several months to bring Shelter, Warmth and Dignity to Syrian refugees in Iraq Kurdistan; Jordan and, most recently Lebanon. Working with a network of 27 local Implementing Partners (IPs), ShelterBox has been the first agency to erect relief tents with the permission of the Lebanese Government.


Abo Ahmed and his family are from the Moaadamia district of Damascus. They fled Syria 7 months ago and sought refuge in the town of Job Jannine in the Bekaa Valley. Their home has been completely destroyed. At…

View original post 117 more words

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ROTW – Kraftwerk – The Model

Image of the cover of 1978 UK 7" release on EMI


Formed by Ralf Hütter and Florian Schneider in Düsseldorf, Germany in 1970, the men-machines of Kraftwerk were at the forefront of experimental electronic music. Their 1974 breakthrough album, “Autobahn” remains a great influence in the genre and is a favourite   driving album for those that like to travel at speeds in excess 200 kmph.

My UK copy is marked as a 1978 release but other sources say that it wasn’t released in the UK until 1981? I sense a conspiracy ….. or was I head of my time? Probably not, I think I nicked it off my brother.

Coupled with the smooth “Computer Love” on the B-side, “The Model” reached No 1 in 1981 and was the band’s most successful werk and still sounds like the future.


Also worth checking out:


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